Would you like to carry our pierogies at your grocery store or farmers market?


Would you like to prepare our pierogies at your restaurant?

We are so excited to share pierogi love with the world and would love for you to join our journey! 

Grocery Stores and Farmers Markets

We offer two flavors with professional packaging that your customers will love seeing in your freezers and will be very excited to bring them home to their families.  

Restaurants and Breweries

Choose from 8 different flavors.

Pierogi Flavors

Potato Onion (vegan)

Mushroom Onion Potato (vegan)

Cabbage Onion Potato (vegan)

Potato Cheddar (vegetarian)

JalapeƱo Cheddar (vegetarian)

Spinach Feta Sundried Tomato (vegetarian)

Kielbasa Bell Pepper (dairy-free)

Bacon Egg and Cheese

Are you interested in carrying pierogies at your location?