Juggling Glass and Rubber Balls

Toys in the living room, dishes in the sink, kids running wild and laughing, forgetting a dental appointment, orders coming in, ten new emails to read and reply to, posting on social media, grocery shopping with five kids....I mean, the list is never-ending! How is it even possible to consider juggling all these things in life?! Well, I will let you in on my little secret of how I do this juggle thing.

Mom of 5 at 30

Becoming a mom of five at 30 was not very common amongst my group of friends and for some reason I felt ashamed for being so young and having a van with every single seat taken. I used to keep up with all my housework, dinner every night, volunteering at my kids events, playdates, hanging out with my friends. But after baby #5, I lost all patterns of my daily tasks and I couldn’t get a grip on what was going on and how to do everything I used to do with now having five kids. I tried so hard to keep up with all my mom friends and I spent a lot of time feeling guilty for not being able to do it like they did.

The Search for Juggling Answers

I started researching for ways to become better at juggling home life, social life and business. I thought there was some sort of equation how to create the perfect times for each category, but I quickly realized there was none, so I moved on to researching how to stay sane while maintaining some sort of presence in each aspect of life. I listened to a podcast that changed the way I view juggling today.

Defining Rubber Balls and Glass Balls

In life we can categorize things into rubber balls or glass balls. Rubber balls are things that will not matter in ten years or do not compromise our values. Glass balls are things that are life changing and form important values. So, I started to categorize my tasks. Dishes, toys in the living room and laundry in the corner for 24 hours became rubber balls.

Spending time with my kids playing, homeschooling, dating my husband and caring for my mother have been some of the precious glass balls I do not want to drop. I don’t want to spend my time worrying about what people are thinking of me and my messy living room. I had to re-train my thoughts and make some changes in my daily routines so that I could take care of those things that would impact the future. Doing the right thing for my family was not balancing everything, but holding on to the glass balls and bouncing the rubber balls, like any skilled juggler.

It's a Process that's Ongoing

I still struggle with letting go of the rubber balls, but I quickly learn to let them go because things get out of hand when I try to do it all or do it like everyone else. I don’t want to get distracted by the routine things that have no real impact on my future from the most important things in my life.

Juggling Rubber and Glass Balls Translates to Business

This concept has been useful in every aspect of my life, even business. There is always a meeting to go to, a donation to make, an order to fill, an email to answer, a floor to mop, a check to balance and the list can keep going. But if I can just let the rubber ball tasks bounce and make sure the glass balls don’t fall, I can and will be able to create a healthy environment for the people around me and make my life a better one to live in the business. So, how do I balance life? I don’t. I juggle the rubber balls and glass balls.


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