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Our Story

                                                                         I would like to take this time to tell you about my journey

                                                                  as a pierogi-maker. It began even before my time. It began with

                                                                  my parents, Peter and Tanya.​

                                                                         My father and mother were immigrants, born and raised in

                                                                  Ukraine. Shortly after marriage, they began to venture out into

                                                                  the world of entrepreneurial endeavors. Despite unfavorable

circumstances, they opened a small baking business making European wafers. Upon immigrating to the United States, the land of opportunity, my mother continued to evolve her cooking skills. My mother began to cater various events, parties and weddings. She always had a wide assortment of dishes she created, each one of them unique, beautiful and delicious.

       Pierogi were a staple in my home and part of those

dishes my mother and grandmother always served for

our family. When my grandparents immigrated to the

United States, my mom and grandma would often devote

a whole day to make pierogi. Lots of flour, fresh mashed

potatoes and pinch-pinch-pinch until our bellies and freezers were full.

       As a child, I loved tasting all the food and eating the yummy goodness. I watched and learned from the most talented cook I know. I began to notice that I was developing a passion for this craft and  decided to step out of my comfort zone and began cooking as well. My mother mentored me by sharing her experience. This created opportunities for me to learn and develop my skills. My mother has been a devoted teacher and the source of my creativity. She is the reason for what I have accomplished to date.​

                                                                         To my mom and grandmother, I am grateful they passed on

                                                                  their passion and expertise to me and my kiddos. To my local

                                                                  and growing community of pierogi-lovers, thank you for your

                                                                  continuous support in this journey.

Untitled (1).jpg

Inna and Mama Tanya

17863473500100629 (1).jpg

Grandma Lena and her famous pierogi

17852234188868781 (1).jpg

Inna and the kiddos

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